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Thursday, May 3, 2012

I'm Stuck

Help! - I'm Stuck

This picture describes how I've been feeling the last six months. Many of you know that I lost my mom in a tragic accident a few days after Thanksgiving. I don't mean tragic for her. She left this life with a bang, just as she wanted and she is now residing with Jesus. I mean tragic for those of us left behind. 

Since then, I feel like I'm in limbo. I don't know if feel is the right word to use here. The problem is I haven't been feeling much of anything. I have had periods of  grief, but that is about it. I loved my job - now I go through the motions.. There are things that excited me - now I just exist. I thought I knew what God wanted me to do - now I haven't a clue. I wonder - is this God's way of allowing healing and change in me.

The good news - I have been feeling some stirrings. And God is eternally patient. I hope that the rest of you will be as well.